HOMES in Paulo VI

HOMES in Paulo VI


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The watercolor artwork "HOMES in Paulo VI" by the Colombian painter Jairo Duque, is a piece of the series entitled "Homes in (places of the world)" and is made on Arches 300Lb 22" x 15" paper with Daniel Smith watercolors . This artistic watercolor technique is a water painting technique, which is characterized by its transparency, fluidity and luminosity in the tones.

The painting represents a dreamlike image of the Paulo VI neighborhood of Bogotá in the 1980s, capturing the artist's perception of a city mired in narco-paramilitary violence. Through a mixture of figurative and abstract, Duque represents the houses in buildings with indefinite, inexpressive passersby as a testimony of the internalization of street fear and the unsupportive routine of the place.

Duque's work stands out for the chromatic harmony that he achieves in the application of the watercolor technique, with an autumnal signal that brightens the visual impression. That is to say, in the work one can appreciate a range of cold colors that generate a dense and oppressive atmosphere, but at the same time a note of joy can be distinguished in the color palette used by the artist.

The artist has created and designed the artwork from start to finish, allowing him to highlight his style and technique in its execution. The work is presented as an invitation to reflect on everyday life in a context of violence and fear, which in turn shows the artist's talent and skill in the artistic watercolor technique.